Table Of Contents

1. GiftGiver FAQ

2. Hive FAQ

A GiftGiver FAQ

If you have any questions about either GiftGiver or Hive, they are answered below. If you have futher questions, you can ask us on our Discord Server.

Q: What are Resource Credits?

A: Resource Credits(abberivated RC) are what you need to "pay" to get your transaction broadcast on the hive blockchain. Each action costs a different amount of RC and you can check out the current costs here. You can't buy RC directly, but you get a certain amount allocated to you for the amount of VESTS you have in your account. The more VESTS that you have, the more you get allocated to you. Once you use up the RC you have, they will grow back at a rate of 20% of your max each day. Without enough RC, you can't boradcast anything to the hive blockchain.

Q: How can I increase my RC?

A: Quite simply, by increasing the amount of VESTs you own. You can gain more VESTs by powering up liquid HIVE.

Q: How much SP do you guys delegate?

A: The SP amount that we delegate is constantly changing due to the difference between VESTs and SP. VESTs are constant, while SP isn't. You can see how many VESTs are in 1 SP by going to hive-db and checking out the right sidebar. But we delegate 60,000.000000 VESTs which is about 15 SP as of writing this. We chose this value as thats what most signup tools give as their initial delegation and should be enough to use the chain for a while.

Q: How long are the delegations?

A: That can vary depending on the configurations that we set, but right now we are making them last 7 days.

Q: How often can I get a delegation?

A: Again this can vary as well depending on our configurations, but you can request a new delegation 3 days after your current delegation has ended.

Q: Who can get a delegation?

A: You must not be on any of the universal blacklist thats provided by themarkymark as well as our internal blacklist. You must also be below a certain RC threshold at the time of submitting the delegation request. We keep that number private to avoid spammers.

Q: I've got a question thats not listed, where can I contact you?

A: You can contact us on our Discord.


Q: What is Hive?

A: A blockchain.